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Spray Tanning


Prepping the skin prior to application is vital and can impact the end result and lifespan of the tan. Following the steps below will ensure you’re ready to achieve the best result!


  • To remove dead skin cells and other product residues, shower and exfoliate with MoroccanPrimer in the days leading up to the application of tan.

  • Wax or shave 24 hours prior to the spray tan.

  • Do not apply moisturisers, body butters or oils to the skin prior to application.

  • Do not wear deodorant, lotions, perfumes or essential oils before or directly after the application.

  • Wear loose and dark clothing along with thongs or slides to and from your appointment.


Just as vital as the prep is the post-care. Following these tips helps ensure the development of the tan is seamless and the lifespan of the tan is longer.

  • Do not touch your body while your tan is drying.

  • Avoid activities that you will make you perspire excessively for at least 24 hours.

  • After the waiting period has passed, shower using warm water ONLY and do not wash your hair. Pat dry.

  • Once fully developed (next day) shower as normal. For best results use MoroccanCleanse Daily.

  • Perfumes, deodorants and makeup may also now be used.

  • Moisturise skin daily with MoroccanGlow, Butter or Luminous to prolong the life of your tan and ensure an even fade-off.

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