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Spray Tanning

Before Care

  • For best results, exfoliate and moisturise your skin the night prior to your scheduled appointment and use a pre-care solution to remove any residual old spray tan from the skin surface.

  • On the day of your scheduled appointment, do not apply any make-up, perfume, moisturiser, deodorant or products as these may react with the spray tan and cause discolouration.

After Care

  • Depending on the colour and results you are after, the spray tan will need to develop on the skin over 1 to 4 hours.

  • During the development time, avoid any excessive exercise that may cause sweating; any moisture and perspiration will cause discolouration and water markings on the skin surface and throughout the spray tan.

  • After the desired development time, take an initial shower without any body wash, shampoo, conditioner, or other products to ensure maximal retention and results.

  • After the initial shower, any products and hair products may be utilised or applied to the skin

  • For optimal and long-lasting results, ensure the skin is kept moisturised throughout the application of the spray tan. Applying moisturiser will ensure the spray tan fades evenly, free of spot discolouration.

** Please note: The spray tan will begin to redevelop for one hour after the initial shower and moisturisation of the skin, so please wait for this process

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