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Why not pamper yourself and your loved ones?

Gift Vouchers

Make your loved ones day with our exclusive Le Spa De Jour Gift Vouchers available below:


Redeeming your Gift Voucher at Le Spa De Jour

To ensure a seamless booking experience, we've outlined the steps for you:

Option A: Online Booking
Follow this booking link sent via text, where you can pay the 50% deposit with your card. Upon arrival for your appointment, the deposit will be refunded. During checkout, your voucher will be processed, and any remaining amount can be settled by your preferred method. This option allows for rescheduling per our Terms & Conditions if necessary. For a smoother process, please add a note indicating the use of a gift voucher and provide the corresponding code for verification.

Option B: Voucher as Deposit
Use the gift voucher as the deposit, and any remaining amount can be paid at checkout after your appointment. Please note that this option doesn't allow for rescheduling due to our system's functionality. To facilitate your booking, kindly share your voucher details along with your appointment details via email at


Le Spa De Jour Gift Voucher Terms & Conditions:

1. Gift Vouchers offer two payment options: you can pay a 50% deposit with your card, refundable upon arrival for your appointment, allowing for rescheduling if needed as per our Terms & Conditions; alternatively, you can use the voucher as the deposit, with any remaining amount payable at checkout, though this option does not allow for rescheduling due to system limitations.

2. Gift Vouchers can only be redeemed at Le Spa De Jour locations, Seddon and South Yarra.

3. Gift Vouchers are non-refundable and can not be exchanged for cash.

4. Gift Vouchers are non-transferable between clients and can only be used by the person who is named on the voucher.

5. Gift Vouchers can not be used on any seasonal/promotional offers or for any discounted services. This includes any type of split payment with Gift Vouchers.

6. Only one Gift Voucher can be used per transaction.

7. Gift Vouchers must be presented at the time of payment if it is not attached to the client profile. OR Voucher code must be noted at the time of booking, to be used at the time of payment.

8. If the bill exceeds the amount on the Gift Voucher, the remaining must be paid by other ways of accepted payment.

9. Le Spa De Jour reserves the right to modify or cancel these Gift Voucher policies without prior notice.

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