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A beauty spa for all your aesthetic and wellness needs

Adding Lashes
Le Spa De Jour, otherwise translated in French to ‘The day spa’, is the hidden oasis of inner west Melbourne, Victoria that is located in Seddon.


Tucked away in a small corner of Seddon, our Le Spa De Jour vision is to provide our clients with an environment dedicated to energising and rejuvenating the soul.


At Le Spa De Jour, we provide a vast variety of treatments ranging from our holistic treatments such as ear candling and aromatherapy, to our more technical and advanced treatments like the LPG M6 and endermologie.

Our Health Mission

At Le Spa De Jour, we aim to assist you in reaching your physique goals with the highest quality of treatments and equipment that will enhance and elevate your health to another level. To help facilitate your transformation, we utilize, employ and operate the finest non-surgical fat reduction techniques and machinery, sauna and exercise equipment.

Our Wellness Mission

At Le Spa De Jour, we aim to foster and amplify your relationship with not only yourself but also with others, especially that between mother and child, and with the universe. Thus, the team at Le Spa De Jour have designed specific pamper packages to help facilitate these relationship growths and holistic treatments to center thyself and ground the soul.

Our Products and Services



Allow us to transform, enrich and accentuate your facial features and skin with our naturally organic products.



Allow us to assist you in detoxifying your body and reaching your health goals.



Allow us to enrich your relationship with your inner self and encompass you in tranquillity and complete relaxation.


Eyelash Extensions


Facial and Masks Add-ons


Spray Tans

Manicures & Pedicures

Body Assesments and Products

Skin Treatments


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